Frequently Asked Questions

Photo by Jeanne Lesperance

I‘m a professional pet sitter and would like to offer a pet goods drive in my area.  How do I start?

Start early!  All kidding aside, early planning is the key to a successful fundraiser. First determine the name of the local shelter/pet related charity you wish to support.  Talk to them, ask permission to offer a food drive on their behalf and ask what they need the most.  Promote the shelter’s name in all your advertising as well as the drop off sponsor sites.  Also check out the Facebook page!

Can I offer a fundraiser at other times of the year and call it “Wishbones for Pets?”

Thanksgiving is associated with counting our blessings and the spirit of giving.  We most likely will get more recognition from the media if pet sitters were unified and held it around the Thanksgiving season.

I can’t lift heavy bags of food but have another idea to raise funds/goods for our local shelter.  Can I use the name WBFP in promoting?

ABSOLUTELY! The whole idea behind using the name is to make the public aware of this industry and our desire to help the community and the animals.  You are not limited to the type of fundraiser you wish to offer provided you offer the event during the same time frame.

Where do I store all the merchandise collected?

If you don’t have room in your garage or home, you might want to contact (1) The shelter to see if they have space (2) A local business or pet store that will be a drop off sponsor (3) Ask a storage rental place if they would donate 6 weeks of storage in exchange for free advertising.

Can I deliver the goods to the charity as I get them?

You could but doing it this way does not give you a true sense of the volume you collected.  It would be better if you could “display” the items for a great photo shoot for your local papers so everyone can see the fruits of your labor!

May I seek sponsorship to help with my expenses?

Yes!  The name Wishbones for Pets is just a motivator to get your name out and to help your community.  Proceed as you would if the name was not around.  You now have an incentive to promote the industry and show your support for animals in need.

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