Terms and Conditions


This is a voluntary program exclusive to professional pet sitters, their company, pet sitter organizations and/or networks including volunteers of pet sitters who wish to raise money and/or goods for a local pet related charity/shelter.  The event may also be used to bring an awareness of animals needing adoption.

Use of the Wishbones for Pets name

Your business shall have all rights to display and promote the name Wishbones for Pets™ including the logo limited to websites, personal literature i.e. brochures, business cards, display signs and containers to collect money for businesses agreeing to be a drop off sponsor.  Merchandise and promotional products other than what is offered by Café Press, Frazzle and WBFP will require written approval.

Program dates

In the U.S. it is suggested your fundraiser run from October 15th through November 30th.  Canada’s Thanksgiving is celebrated in October and therefore has the right to run this program during their Thanksgiving season.

Program intentions and its coordinators will operate in good faith to promote and assist a local charity/shelter approximately six to eight weeks prior to Thanksgiving and will transfer all funds/goods received to the respective charity in a timely manner.  Any additional items collected after that time frame shall be forwarded to them.


Any expenses incurred to host, promote or sponsor this event is the sole responsibility of the individual pet sitter, business, network or organization.


Wishbones for Pets™ and its administrators accept no liability for the management of funds or goods hosted by any individual pet sitter or business associated with the program including injury or death.

Participation and directory listing requirements

If at any time you decide not to participate in WBFP or do not offer the program in your area, we reserve the right to remove your listing from our directory. This will not entitle you to a refund.