Wishbones for Pets®

the first international pet sitter charity drive
which takes place yearly
October 15 through November 30

Wishbones for Pets is the very first pet sitter charity for pet sitters to help pets in need.

Welcome Pet Sitters and Pet Lovers!

Each year, professional pet sitters throughout the United States and Canada offer a pet supply and fund drive approximately six weeks prior to Thanksgiving with all the proceeds going to their favorite pet related charity in their local community.

2004 was the first year this program was offered by a professional pet sitter under this name which in turn became the first international charity drive, to take place annually, that’s designed exclusively for professional pet sitters!

Traditionally there are food drives for people during the holiday season. It’s only natural pet sitters want to help pets that need a forever home. Many pet sitters will be asking for donations or pet goods to help a local charity of their choice There will be drop boxes at local business establishments who have agreed to sponsor this event. Look for ads and signs promoting it!

Wishbones for Pets will be to pet sitters what Toys for Tots is to the Marines!

Make a difference for the pets in your community! If you’re a pet sitter you’re invited to join our forum.

If you’re a shelter, contact a pet sitter in your area and let them know of this program.

There are many pet lovers that would like to help animals in need. Sometimes they just need a little leadership, example and organization. As pet sitters we can make a difference and Wishbones for Pets can help you.

Locate a Wishbones for Pets Representative in your state.


Pet sitter charity, Wishbones for pets, is open to all professional pet sitters

Disclaimer: Wishbones for Pets is an all-volunteer program conducted by individual pet sitters, pet sitter companies and/or pet sitter organizations/networks that have agreed to the terms and conditions of the program. Wishbones for Pets serves as a blanket name by the above to collect goods for charity. The administrators of this program and/or including Wishbones for Pets assumes no responsibility or liability on their behalf.